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Three big items to consider as a new parent

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You must be wondering what to buy as a new parent. These are three physically bigger items that new parents usually consider with order of priorities in the following descending order:


1. If you are not moving residences in the near future, a cot may end up in your room for several years. So it pays to measure your bedroom and the cot you are interested in accurately as well as choosing one that is either neutral in colour or can blend in with your bedroom's interior.

2. With the cot size, consider which mattress sizes that fits in that. Some baby stores actually do provide a cot and a mattress in bundled deals which can be good value for money. You may also consider which mattress sizes your favourite bed sheet brands usually make.

3. Some cots are convertible that allows you to convert them either into a single bed or a double bed for when your little one is not so little anymore. For the conversion, you will need to purchase extra parts such as extra frames and slats.

4. Drop sides on a cot can be very useful for you to reach down to the mattress from the side of the cot to put your little sleepyhead down for a nap.

Pram: You will want a pram to get around with your baby easily.

1. A good pram needs to be strong yet reasonably lightweight as well as having comfortable fabric and cushioning for your little one.

2. Big basket for you to carry your nappy bags and other accessories is also recommended.

3. Also consider wheel sizes depending on the terrains you will most likely use the pram on. For example: You want bigger wheels if you think you will use the pram outdoor a lot on the footpath or at the park where the surface is not as smooth or even as say, shopping malls' floor.

4. If you are planning to have kids close together or if you're having a twin, why not consider having a pram that either can have two seats or can accomodate accessories to convert from a single seat to a twin seat pram?

5. Lastly you may need to take into account on how compact the pram folds when you either have a small car or you don't own a car so the pram needs to fit in most cars that you potentially hire or you want something compact to take into public transports.

6. Checkout our line of strollers by Uppababy HERE where we have a compact pram (G-LUXE), medium sized pram (ALTA) and the bigger VISTA pram that can be converted into a two seater.

Car Seat: A child seat is obviously optional if you don't own a car but it is something you can still consider so you have the option to take your little one around when you do hire a car for that long weekend interstate trips.

1. To be an approved child car restraint, a car seat must be labelled with an Australian Standards sticker for the standard AS/NZS 1754 so we highly you recommend you look out for products that meet this standard.

2. Consider a convertible car seat, i.e. can be used from newborn (rearward facing) to when your baby is several years old if you don't want to buy two different car seats for different positions.

3. Understand how the mounting points (such as the newer ISOFIX standard) and how your car's seat belt integrate with the car seat to ensure the car seat fits your car just fine.

4. Also consider extra safety features a car seat may include such as extra impact cushioning on the sides for your peace of mind.

5. Lastly when planning to buy a car, consider the size of the car's interior as children under 6 months are usually required to be placed in a reclined and rearward position taking up further space in your car's rear seats. This will also restrict how much the front seat can slide and recline backward.


Disclaimer: This article is intended to be informational in nature and is not a substitute to a professional advice. Baby Republic makes no representations to the accuracy, completeness, currentness, suitability, or validity of any information in this article and will not be liable for any errors, omissions, or delays in this information or any losses, injuries, or damages arising from its display or use. All information is provided on an as-is basis.

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